Uyen Nguyen

Uyen Nguyen

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With over 10 years of experience in the field of E-Commerce & Digital Marketing. Speaker for events like Moblile Day, Vietnam Web Summit, seminars at Schools…

Worked at: VNG (Vinagame), Sendo (FPT), Haravan,

VinGroup, Mobile World. Founder of ENS Corporation

Participated in consulting and training at many businesses such as: Guru, Topica, Action Coach CBD, Hung Thinh, EZ Land, Dutch Lady Group, FPT education organization & PACE Management Academy.

Studying Master in Digital Marketing & E-commerce at Educlaas (Singapore) and ENEB (Spain)


Contributing to bring useful experiences, skills, knowledge and thinking about digital skills (Digital) and E-commerce to serve Vietnamese and global people.

18 book/ebook have been and are being published


Go Digital Dictionary  

14 books on Digital:

GP01: Digital Marketing

GP02: Content Marketing

GP05: Website + SEO

GP10: Video Production

GP08: Design

GP11: Email

GP07: Affiliate

GP13: Analytics

GP12: Plan & KPIs

GP14: System

GP03: Social Marketing

GP04: Video Marketing

GP06: Google Ads & MMO

GP09: Ecommerce

12 weeks to conquer the desired job (Ebook)

Digital transformation in the economy (Ebook)

Recipe in life A E I O U

A          E            I          O        U (Ask) (Extend) (Initiative) (Offer) (Update)

Formula in setting and implementing goals VSMART GOALS

V (Value) 

S (Specific) 

M (Measurable) 

A (Achievable) 

R (Relevant) 

T (Time)

Skills from current/past occupation


Attitude & work ethic

Digital skills

Benefits in a new career

Take on leadership roles and responsibilities

Reliability and sustainable value 

Help scaling and breakthrough growth

Skills from hobbies or life experience

Communication :

Critical thinking :

Team work :

Benefits in a new career

Work well in large organizations, communities

Look at and solve problems well

Accomplish common goals of the group or organization

Communication :

Being a good listener






VSMART goal management 

Conflict resolution

Train others

Convey the vision 


Critical thinking :



Problem solving



Attitude & work ethic

Enthusiastic , proactive





Team work :


Awareness of diverse issues 

Good at developing relationships 

Have a spirit of helping others


Digital skills

Communicate and work online effectively 

Planning, KPIs

Content Creation

Reading and analyzing tools


Milestones, important achievements

Outstanding Achievement: Building 18 programs and books on digital skills, e-commerce and careers. Accompanying more than 5000 students and businesses.

Age 31: Born a son named Mr G. Writing books and programs. Developing and training digital trainers nationwide.

At age 30: Developing ENS Corporation Binh Dinh branch. 

Age 29: Lecturer in Digital Marketing at PACE, teaching business managers.

At 28 years old: Get married. Building solutions and consulting for businesses

27 years old: Holding the role of COO, chief operating officer for BMQ company established for more than 14 years, invested by a Singapore fund. Lecturer at FPT International Training Institute. Buy the first apartment in installments

Age 26: Lecturer and Head of Digital Marketing and E-commerce at FPT Polytechnic, Guru (24h), CED Asia Research Institute..

At the age of 25: In charge of Marketing for Mobile World’s e-commerce site, completing the first 3000 KPIs in the first month of launch. Effectively use more than 3 billion budget / month. brought in more than 20 billion in revenue and positive profit.

Aged 24: Founding ENS Corporation, organizing e-commerce events for students at Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Education with more than 1,600 students participating and more than 800 scholarships. Marketing at Vingroup.

At 23 years old: 2 months became the top Sales at VNG, Head of Department at Haravan. The youngest Digital Marketing speaker and lecturer at Hoang Nguyen. 

At the age of 21: Doing business and opening a fashion shop.

At the age of 20: Second prize in a research project at the university level, representative of the national Euréka competition

At the age of 19: won a scholarship at the school level, deputy head of the Connecting soft skills club

Age 18: part time employee for Harvey Nash, British BPO membrane company

At the age of 15: making and trading hand-made goods

Helping, loving people and contributing to the community has become a philosophy and concept of life.

Balance between roles in life.

Career blueprint Uyen Nguyen

5 am – 6 am: Give yourself, plan your day’s work , think about ideas

6 am – 7 am: For family, eating, chatting

8 am – 10 am: Work at the company

10 am – 11 am: Communicating, Working with KHU

11 am – 1 pm: For myself, hobbies

1 pm – 2 pm: Making books, courses

2 pm – 3 pm: Studying

3 pm – 4 pm: Communicating, Working with KHU

4 pm – 5 pm: Time for nature, rest

5 pm. – 6 pm.: Quality time for children

6 pm – 8 pm: For family, eating, chatting

8 pm – 9 pm: For the community, the cause

10 pm – 11 pm: Summary of goals, cv. Rest

Technology changes, products and services can be replaced.

Business know-how that may no longer be unique (USP)

So the best thing is to focus on customers, the community

Listen – Respond – Get Feedback

Nguyen Uyen


Contributing to bring useful experiences, skills, knowledge and thinking about digital skills (Digital) and E-commerce to serve Vietnamese and global people.

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SEO Senior | Mentor & Trainer

Vai Trò: Giảng Viên SEO – ENS 


Hơn 9 năm kinh nghiệm chuyên sâu về SEO Tổng thể, Traffic và Từ khoá

2 năm SEO Senior tại Chợ Tốt

3 năm SEO Expert tại Báo VnExpress

4 năm SEO Specialist tại Sàn TMĐT

6 năm kinh nghiệm SEO Mentor cho doanh nghiệp và Trainer SEO/ Content SEO người mới bắt đầu/ BTV  Phóng viên báo chí.

Báo tin tức đã SEO: VnExpress, Báo Ngôi Sao, Báo Ione, Webtretho, Báo Phụ Nữ, Alobacsi, Sức Khoẻ Đời Sống, Tiếp Thị Gia Đình, Báo Một Thế Giới, Báo Phụ Nữ & Gia Đình

Sàn TMĐT đã SEO với đa dạng ngành hàng:,,…

Lập kế hoạch quy trình, KPIs và triển khai SEO (Onpage, Technical, UI/UX chuẩn SEO, Content, Offpage…)

Phân tích, đánh giá, tư vấn báo giá dự án SEO 

Xử lý khủng hoảng SEO


SEO Onpage

SEO Offpage

SEO Technical

Content SEO

Trainer SEO

Trainer Content SEO 

Mentor SEO


Dễ hoà nhập – Vui vẻ – Trách nhiệm


Information Technology of Ho Chi Minh City Industry and Trade College (HITU)



Địa chỉ: TP. Thủ Đức, TP.HCM

Số điện thoại: 0972.700.450

Trang cá nhân: Linkedin

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